Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Journals!

Oh my friend called this "Protozoa"
The cell thingy we learnt in secondary science.
It gives people the sweet scent with the colourful flowers surrounded by the so-called "Protozoa".
This cover's design also gives people the Vintage feeling cause it look abit like faded colours.

This is the elegant flora forest. You'll find it interesting when the pattern is so complicated yet it feel simple. The background is green in colour and the pattern is drawn in white. There is also reddish pink flowers.
Both of the above journals are stitched together using coptic stitch method with cotton thread which are made in France. And bare in mind that the cover designs are scrap booking papers from USA and Australia. So don't you worry about the quality of it.
"There are thorns among the roses"
They are 100% handmade by us. So occasionally, it might not be 100% perfect!
But I'm sure you'll love it!

They have 56 blank unlined pages each.

"Protozoa" - 2 in stock
Elegant Flora Forest - only 1 in stock

It's only RM16 each!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Simple yet Nice

These Simple Yet Nice hair pins are each sewed together from felt cloth.

Therefore, they will be unique in their own different style.

Even though they look that simple, they still can fit in with either a casual dress or a night gown as well. They look simple yet elegant. It reveals the cheerful side of you to the people out there.

Each of them has 6 petals.

Left: Dark Red; Right: Bright Pink

Dark Red Rose

Purple Rose

RM3.00 for each

or RM5.00 for 2? =)

Other colours are available as well. You know where to tell me that! right into the chatbox ya!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Love of the Angels

These little angels are adorable! The innocent and cuddly look in their face is irresistable. Feeling like the world is a better place already? hehe! These little fella are made out of felt cloth. We stitch them together with thread and decorate them. They are one of a kind!
My all time favourtie angel.
Pink Angie.
The Punk Rocker will rock the house alive!
Innocent Baby Blue-eye Angie.

Sleeping Beauty.

Hula-hula Happy Angie.
You might be thinking... "What am I going to do with them?" No worries my friends! They all have a thread stitched on top like a hoop. You can tie them onto your bag as a deco or you can also make it as your lucky handphone charm! It's just as simple as a keychain! Charming isn't it?
You can take it home and make it yours at only
Bring it home and they'll bring joy to your morning!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Thank you very much

Dedications to Lynn and Rac, our first two customers.

They bought all the journals I posted up previously.

If you missed the opening promotion, don't worry, cause we'll do more than that!
We'll make more journals and photo albums as well just for you!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Band 'em Up!

Urhmm... Look nice look elegant with the pink floral hairband.
They come in three hairband colours (gold, silver and black).
The flowers are sew together using thread and there are sequins on the flowers.
The hairbands are bought from accessories shop while I stitched the flowers on to it to make it look nicer. The fake flowers made in aus so they are very good quality.

You can either put them on with french twist.

Victorian twist.
And the third way is to band it up with ur wavy hair down.Look simple but nice.

Well, isn't it a great accessory for you to dress up during a formal dinner?

I'm sure you'll look as good in your gown with this hairband.
Other than that you can also wear it out with just a simple dress to the mall for a shopping spree!
Take note that the colour might be slighty different from the picture itself... well you know, you'll see things differently under different conditions and places! But don't worry it doesn't differ alot from the actual thingy! :)
Why not take it back today and show them off with your gown and walk into the hall looking like a fairy tale princess ya'll?
Let's rock the house tonight!
Grab it at only RM20 each.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Write In It!

Hello~ pretty journal! We are introducing our very own handmade journal using the coctic stitching method! The following journals include 64 pages of empty paper(unlined). You can do whatever with it. Be it your diary, your notebook, or even a wedding guest book! They look elegant and classy enough to be on the table of your wedding reception right? It can also be a birthday present for your buddy! The cover of the journal is made out of hard cardboard wrapped with pretty and high quality of scrapbooking paper. (imported from australia). Other than that, they are stitched together using high quality of thread so don't worry that they will break easily. Take it home today and make it your own and show it off to your friends how nice it is! The size of these journals is 22.5cmX16.5cm. (Approximately size of half A4 paper)
Love is in The Air
(only 1 in stock)
The inner pages include some fancy colour paper to make it more fun!

"Colourful" World of Black&White
(2in stock)

All the pages are in white colour only
Fill them yourself to make it colourful!

Tropical Sanctuary
(only 1 in stock)

They come in light and also sharp colours!

Grab them now today and they'll be yours!

As an opening promotion we are selling it

At only RM13(excluding shipping and extra charges)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009